23 August 2022

SPECTRAL chemical analyser in Geotek core scanner

Teaming with Geotek UK (www.geotek.co.uk), we succeeded in integrating our LIBS sensor #LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) in the core scanner sensor suite. LIBS is a game changing technology for elemental analysis due to its speed and ability to detect all elements in any core. In co-operation with Geotek, leaders in geological core logging, we are establishing […]

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18 August 2022

SPECTRAL sponsor of LIBS2022

We are 1 of the proud sponsors of the #LIBS2022 conference! Marijn Sandtke will be at the event to meet you, we hope to see you there! Click on the link below to see the program or to register. Home – LIBS 2022

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12 August 2022

Paper by Jorgina Akushika published!

Our colleague Jorgina Akushika got her first paper published! Together with 4 co-authors she wrote a paper that looks at how X-ray radiography and automated mineralogy can be used to improve sensor-based sorting for Mittersill Tungsten Ore in Austria. Please see the link below. Integration of X-ray radiography and automated mineralogy data for the optimization […]

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