16 March 2023

Joost Smeets will join SPECTRAL!

SPECTRAL continues to expand: we are delighted that Joost Smeets joins the SPECTRAL Team starting April 1st! Joost was one of the early builders of the company s[&]t as group leader, project manager, systems engineer and data analyst. Recently he was successful as senior software architect at Nearfield. At SPECTRAL Joost will bring our data […]

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21 February 2023

SPECTRAL takes part in Dinamine project

SPECTRAL is proud to be part of this project! #EUproject #mining

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20 February 2023

Stefan Groenheide is joing SPECTRAL!

We are very happy to have Stefan Groenheide joining the SPECTRAL Team starting March 1st. Stefan can build on a successful time as Mining Consultant at Royal IHC Mining. At SPECTRAL he will lead our main projects in the mining industry and contribute to further professionalize SPECTRAL to guarantee continued delivery of state-of-the art solutions.

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17 February 2023


Read the interview with Ad Maas on the website of Delft Technology Partners, see link below. Revolutie in de mijnbouw | Delft Technology Partners

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24 January 2023

Emile Heezen is joining SPECTRAL!

We are very happy to have Emile Heezen joining the SPECTRAL Team starting the 1st of March. Emile is a passionate Master of Science in High-Tech Engineering (TU Delft) with specialization in opto-mechatronics.

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22 December 2022

Merry Christmas!

SPECTRAL wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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15 September 2022

SPECTRAL welcomes Thomas Joesoef Djamil!

SPECTRAL welcomes Thomas Joesoef Djamil in our continuously growing TEAM, starting October 1st! Thomas has a passion for digital systems and graduated as electrical engineer from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He will strengthen our digital capabilities to further enhance the chemical analyzer systems that we deliver to our industrial customers.

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14 September 2022

Paper published by Bob de Waard

Our colleague Bob de Waard published a paper together with 3 co-authors on #LIBS, XRF and Raman sensors for optimal bauxite sorting. See link below for the complete publication. LIBS, XRF and Raman sensors for optimal bauxite sorting | Request PDF (

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23 August 2022

SPECTRAL chemical analyser in Geotek core scanner

Teaming with Geotek UK (, we succeeded in integrating our LIBS sensor #LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) in the core scanner sensor suite. LIBS is a game changing technology for elemental analysis due to its speed and ability to detect all elements in any core. In co-operation with Geotek, leaders in geological core logging, we are establishing […]

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