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Real-time monitoring of any type of material is possible with the SPECTRAL conveyor belt LIBS sensor. SPECTRAL’s LIBS sensor can be positioned over any conveyor belt. The sensor measures the full atomic chemical composition of the material passing by on the belt. This setup is ideal for mining applications like monitoring the ore grade in mined material in order to separate ore from waste material. Also, the SPECTRAL conveyer belt LIBS sensor can be applied for recycling applications to identify materials one wants to sort out.

Benefits of the SPECTRAL conveyor belt LIBS sensor:

  • A measurement takes << 1 ms, allowing for measurement rates up to 1000 Hz.
  • The sensor works with any belt speed.
  • Flexible sensor configuration allows for tunable working distance between sensor and belt.
  • Captures all elements of the periodic table in one measurement.
  • Detection limits below 1 permille (1000 ppm) are possible.

Laboratory analyzer

The SPECTRAL desktop LIBS analyzer is now ready to order. This plug-and play LIBS system can be positioned on a desk or next to the production location. Simply open the door, place the sample on the sample holder, move the sample to the desired location using the red laser alignment dot, close the door and start the measurement.

Some key features of the desktop system:

  • Analyses a wide variety of samples that can be scanned automatically.
  • Automated 3D scanning with 100 µm resolution.
  • High power laser and high resolution spectrometer included for broadband gated LIBS.
  • User-friendly software for operating the hardware and process the measurement data.
  • Laser safe enclosure that holds all LIBS components: spectrometer, laser and electronics so experiments can be performed without wearing laser goggles.
  • Custom configuration possible: various laser and spectrometer options are available.


Core drilling is often used in the exploration for mineral resources and other geological studies to obtain information about the Earth’s subsurface. Analysis of the obtained drill cores is traditionally performed through visual inspection and laboratory analyses, which are time consuming and expensive.  Cores can be placed into the scanner directly after drilling. The scanner delivers a chemical profile of the drill core within a minute using LIBS technology.

Benefits of the SPECTRAL drill core scanner are:

  • Displays the relative concentration of all elements in the periodic table along the core.
  • Spatial resolution <1 mm possible.
  • Scans a 1-meter drill core in 1 minute using LIBS.


The SPECTRAL LIBS engine is a highly flexible and versatile LIBS-based chemical sensor for the R&D engineer user, that requires maximum functionality for a low price. The engine can be positioned in any orientation with respect to the sample. This allows users to measure on solid and powder samples, but also on flowing gases or liquids.

SPECTRAL’s software enables users to set all required measurement parameters and perform automated measurements. The recorded LIBS spectra can be processed in any type of analysis software and simple analysis steps can already be performed in our software.

The SPECTRAL LIBS engine is composed of these components:

  • High resolution spectrometer.
  • Pulse laser (typical 20 Hz. repetition rate, pulse energy 120 mJ, pulse duration 5 ns).
  • Optical head (laser focusing & signal collection opto-mechanical unit).
  • Pulse delay generator (PDG) for gated LIBS measurements.
  • PC with SPECTRAL software pre-installed.
  • OPTION: XYZ motorized translation stage for sample scanning, integrated in our software.

Please contact us to find out how we can configure the ideal LIBS engine for you, since items can be left out or replaced by other items upon request.

Laser focussing and signal collection optics
  1. Spectrometer
  2. PC
  3. Laser
  4. Laser focussing and signal collection optics
  5. Sample

Schemetic of the SPECTRAL LIBS engine.



SPECTRAL offers the service to jointly develop unique LIBS-based chemical detection solutions, custom made according to customer requirements. SPECTRAL is dedicated to co-operate in the entire process starting with a feasibility study up to series production of LIBS sensor units. Currently, we have such joint development projects running with customers in mining equipment and sorting equipment for recycling. We are capable of delivering single LIBS sensor systems but our manufacturing partner also allows for delivery of hundreds of LIBS sensor systems per year.

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