Desktop LIBS analyzer available now!

16 October 2020

The SPECTRAL desktop LIBS analyzer is now ready to order. This plug-and play LIBS system can be positioned on a desk or next to the production location. Simply open the door, place the sample on the sample holder, move the sample to the desired location using the red laser alignment dot, close the door and start the measurement.

Some key features of the desktop system:

  • Analyses a wide variety of samples that can be scanned automatically.
  • Automated 3D scanning with 100 µm resolution.
  • High power laser and echelle spectrometer included for broadband gated LIBS.
  • User-friendly software for operating the hardware and process the measurement data.
  • Laser safe enclosure that holds all LIBS components: spectrometer, laser and electronics so experiments can be performed without wearing laser goggles.
  • Custom configuration possible: various laser and spectrometer options are available.

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High Throughput
Non Contact
No Sample preparation
Fast & Accurate