SPECTRAL joins UNICEF’s Business Buddie prgram

9 June 2023

SPECTRAL is proud to announce their participation in the Business Buddies program of UNICEF!

SPECTRAL Industries helps UNICEF provide education to children in Ivory Coast through the innovative Plastic Bricks project. Building blocks for classrooms are made of recycled plastic. The company joins UNICEF Business Buddies with this partnership. UNICEF Business Buddies is a concept that connects companies with UNICEF’s work. “We are very happy with SPECTRAL’s contribution, says Joliene Heimgartner of UNICEF Netherlands. “Thanks to the support of Dutch companies such as SPECTRAL, we ensure that more children in Ivory Coast can go to school, while at the same time tackling other problems in the country.”

Building blocks for the future
The Plastic Bricks project not only stimulates education for more children in Ivory Coast. We are also working on a better environment. Ivory Coast has a huge waste problem. Capital Abidjan produces 288,000 kilograms of plastic waste every day. UNICEF has part of this recycled into plastic building blocks, which are used to build classrooms. At the moment, 1.6 million children in Ivory Coast do not go to school. Thanks to the contribution of SPECTRAL, more children can receive education.

‘Children are the future’
The collaboration is actually quite self-evident, says Ad Maas of SPECTRAL Industries. ‘We often get the question: what do you do for society? We answer that with this action. By joining UNICEF, we become part of a large organization that helps children on a global scale. As an employer, we consider the development of children important. If children are given the chance to develop, they can make the world a little better.

Become a UNICEF Business Buddy
Every company, large or small, is welcome to join UNICEF, says Joliene Heimgartner of UNICEF Netherlands. “I would like to invite everyone: become a UNICEF Business Buddy too. Then your company makes a difference in the lives of children all over the world.”

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